Hi! I’m Jim de Jong.
After settling in the Dominican Republic, and enjoying life for over 10 years, I founded DutchCraftBuilders.

Coming from a technical background, having studied Civil Engineering at Delft Technical University, in Holland, I couldn’t help but notice many basic flaws in finished construction projects in this beautiful country.

I realised there was a need for qualified construction work.

My fingers itched, and with the theoretic side of construction already under my belt, I discovered I also find the practical side both enjoying and satisfying.

Now, I have developed an efficient way of pouring concrete structures using moulds, which are easily, and quickly, reusable.
Innovation and ingenuity in the building process are the aspects I am most interested in, while I use principle-thinking throughout the production process, for a holistic approach with a focus on efficiency.

At DutchCraftBuilders, I and my team take pride in our work. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for us to discuss your plans.

Jim de Jong